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Die casting Parts

Product Name: Die casting Part
Process: Pressure die casting Mold
Material: ADC 10, ADC 12, Zin #3, Zin #5, A380, etc
Tyoe: Customized Surface treatment: as casting, Anodize, Painting, Powder Coating, Sandblast, Post Machining, etc
Lead Time: 15~25 calendar days
Tool Life: 10K~50K


Product Description

Die Casting Parts

As a professional rapid prototyping China company, we can produce high quality die casting metal prototypes in different materials by pressure casting process at competitive prices.
To make casting moulds, we’ll use H13 tool steel with rockwell hardness about 42 to 48, which is applicable for most projects. Other different materials can be applied for tooling depending on diverse needs of clients in various industries.
Aluminum casting is the perfect choice for strong, complex and light-weight parts. Zinc casting is mainly used in extensile products which have to apply surface plating. Magnesium casting is applied for light-weight parts that require a good strength-to-weight ratio in many situations. Finished products can be Anodized, Plated, Painted, Post Machining, Polished, Sand-blasted or Powder Coated etc.

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