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Plastic molding

Product Name: Injection Plastic molding
Advantages: Stable and reliable process, excellent surface quality
Material Capabilities: thousands of plastic materials, for example: ABS, POM, ABS/PC, PC, PA6, PA12, etc
Part Color: according to Pantone or RAL color cards
Surface finish: SPI-B1 to A1, texture, silk screen printing, painting, etc
Quantity: 50 to 100,000+ parts


Product Description

Injection Molded Parts

Injection moulding is a chief rapid prototype service in China to produce low-priced mold for simple parts or complex components in short manufacturing time, which is a perfect choice for medium volume to thousands of completely functional plastic products.

If customers need to manufacture more than 10,000 parts, we would produce full-function injection moulds, which maybe have up to 30 cavities and advanced function like multi slides, hot runners or unscrewing. Moulds will be fully complied to western standards and can be exported for client’s own runs.

A lot of thermoplastic resins and options are possible, such as ABS, PC, PP, PEEK, PEI, Nylon, Delrin, Acrylic, PBT. Color choices: Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, Medium Grey, Black, White, Ultra Blue, Dark Grey, Light Grey. Finish options: Matte, Satin, Mirror, Smooth, Medium Texture, Standard, High Gloss, Non-cosmetic and Light Texture.

Plastic parts up to 500x500x100mm can be molded since our injection molding press is ranging from 20 tons to 1,000+ tons. Typical tolerance of moulded parts is +/- 0.10 mm, which will work for most general projects.

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