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Tooling and Molds for Injection Molding

Product Name: Injection Plastic Product’s Mould
Process: CNC, EDM, Wire cutting, etc
Design format: UG,Pro-E,Solidworks and so on.
Core Material: Aluminum, P20,718H,NAK80, S136, etc
Runner: Cold runner/Hot runner
Gate Type: Direct Gate/Side Gate/Sub Gate/Pin Point Gate, etc
Surface Finish: SPI-B1 to SPI-A1, Texture can be defined by VDI 3400 or Mold-Tech, etc
Lead Time: 5 to 18 calendar days
Tool Life: 1.Rapid aluminum tooling for volumes up to 5000+ shots.
2.P20 prototype tooling for volumes up to 50,000+ shots.
3.NAK80 or S136 prototype tooling for volumes up to 100,000+ shots


Product Description

Plastic Injection Molds

As one of dominant Chinese rapid prototype manufacturers, we can manufacture plastic injection moulded prototypes quickly from small volume to mass production to satisfy requirements of different clients from various industries during their new product development stage.

Not only supplies low-cost injection molded parts, our company also design and manufactures entire groups of plastic injection molds for customers to operate in their home countries, which are totally produced based on the injection mould standards of western world.

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