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What is low volume manufacturing?

Low-Volume Manufacturing or Pre-Mass Production is a fast manufacturing technique for low quantity production before the actual serial production begins. Which is a perfect choice for low quantity (100 to 1,000 units) production. This is an increasingly popular option for many product categories, allowing for a more limited investment in tooling and materials while providing quick access to markets, rapid response to shorter product life cycles and as a bridge between initial prototypes and high-volume production.

At Wintech Rapid, we can provide you with hundreds of thousands of parts by our low-volume manufacturing service. Once you are ready to start your new project, please feel free to contact with us for a free quote.

Advantages of Low-Volume Manufacturing:

  • Low-Volume Manufacturing can save time and money.
  • It is a bridge between a few prototypes and full-scale production
  • Experience projects on a physical level very early.
  • Communicate projects effectively to shorter product life cycles
  • Minimized first investments for one-time production.
  • Marketing can start before mass production.
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