Rapid Tooling

Aluminum Tooling and Steel Tooling Insert Molds and Over molds MUD System with Low Tooling Cost 5 to 18 days for Tooling and Molding

Rapid Tooling

Common Types Of Rapid Tooling

Injection molding is one of the most commonly-used plastic part manufacturing processes. It is suitable for the production of parts from both thermoplastic and thermoset polymers.


There are different types of rapid tooling available. The benefits of each vary based on your required materials, technology, accuracy, consistency, and size. If you’re considering rapid tooling for your prototype, keep these three limitations in mind:


● The mold has to be strong enough to handle the injection molding process.
● The mold needs to be smooth enough for the plastic part to eject cleanly.
● The mold may not have tight enough tolerances.

● We use natural techniques to manufacture custom high-quality plastic molded parts. these parts are widely used in the automotive, medical, cosmetics and consumer industries, etc.


At Wintech Rapid, our rapid tooling and injection molding services involve CAD/CAM part and mold design, design for manufacturability (DFM) and Moldflow simulation. We offer overmolding, insert molding and unscrew molding options, as well as weekly tooling schedule reporting and mold trail reporting.


Compared with the traditional mold making, Rapid tooling can help you save 40% to 50% of the cost and 40% to 60% of the time. On top of that, Wintech can provide DFM (design-for-manufacture) report to our customer to analyze product structure, tooling building feasibility and potential quality risk. In this way, the tooling is safer.

What is DFM?

DFM is short for “Design For Manufacturability”. We extensively study the 3D CAD files you provide and we make sure your design can be built as you intended. We will provide you a report for each part that summarizes the part information (size, weight, material, finish, color, etc.) and addresses any concerns regarding tooling or part design. Not only that, but our DFM also includes our recommendations on how to best resolve any issues to help you revise the design if necessary. All our DFM reports are created at no cost to you.


● Draft Analysis                 

● Wall Thickness Analysis

● Gating Quality Prediction

The Rapid Tooling Process

The rapid tooling process involves the creation of a mold using aluminum or soft steel, a stocked mold base, and hand-load inserts. Rapid tooling is ideal for small batch orders meant for use in marketing samples, product evaluations, and process design.


Traditional tooling is often prohibitively expensive for small projects. Our custom rapid tooling service offers a cost-effective, low-volume alternative in situations where large volumes of the part won’t be needed in the future. The rapid production tooling process is commonly used in industrial settings for prototyping or for diagnosing design issues.


At Wintech Rapid, we typically create rapid molds using our advanced CNC machine equipment, though we also sometimes use additive processes such as 3D printing.

Advantages to Wintech Rapid Tooling Service

When you choose Wintech Rapid for quick turnaround mold tools, you get a host of services to support any project, including:


● Design for Manufacturing analysis
● Overmolding
● Multiple cavities
● Inserts
● Heated cores
● Manual and hydraulic sliders
● And much more!

Q: What’s the rapid steel mold?

Rapid steel mold is a solution for low volume production. Molds designed to simplify the mold frame for saving time and cost. Some tooling can also share the same mold frame with others, but change the mold core as needed.

Q: What is the available lead time for opening a mold?

Tooling lead time range from 1-2 weeks.

Q: Can parts have undercuts?

Parts can be molded with undercuts. Cams, slides, and lifters can be incorporated into the tooling. For low volume parts, hand-loaded inserts can be applied to cut costs.

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