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At Wintech Rapid

Injection molding

► Rapid Tooling

► Plastic Injection Molding

► Extrusion Moulding

► Insert Molding

► Two-color Molding

► Blow-Molding

► Overmolding

► Silicone Molding

Rapid Tooling

► Design for Manufacturing analysis

► Overmolding

► Multiple cavities

► Inserts

► Heated cores

► Manual and hydraulic sliders

► And much more!

CNC machining

► CNC Milling

► CNC Turning

► EDM sparking

► Wire EDM sparking

► Laser Engraving

► Polishing

Die casting parts

Pressure die casting is an ideal method for making large quantities of metal parts with excellent surface finish and dimensional stability.

Rapid Prototyping

► Short lead times

► Cost-efficient models

► High accuracy to closely match reality

► High-quality finishing options

Sheet Metal

► Short lead times

► Cost-efficient models

► High accuracy to closely match reality

► High-quality finishing options

How does Wintech Rapid help you?

Our manufacturing process also ensures that each and every one of our customers receives a comprehensive solution for any need they may have. This includes complex and precision parts. No matter how complicated your project may be, we can produce what you need.

1. Saving money through our low-volume manufacturing process
2. Faster time to market (and a higher success rate)
3. Creating flexible design options for all your products
4. Supplying you with a comprehensive option for bridge production

Optical Parts

Automotive Parts

Medical Devices

Aerospace Parts

Solution Consulting

Top Project Management

High Quality

Time & Money Saving

What does Wintech Rapid do?

Wintech Rapid is committed to providing top quality rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing service, including: CNC machining, rapid tooling & injection molding, pressure die casting, sheet metal prototyping,.


We provide high quality manufacturing solutions that can have your design finished in few hours This gives you the opportunity to rigorously test your product, and make all the needed changes to perfect your design before it goes into full-scale production.


Exploring the World of CNC Machining Parts in the Manufacturing Industry

In the realm of manufacturing and mechanical hardware processing, CNC machining parts play a crucial role in producing precise and high-quality components for various applications. Whether you are involved in automotive, aerospace, or medical device manufacturing, understanding the world of CNC machining parts is essential for success in the industry. CNC machining, short for Computer Numerical Co


Unleashing Innovation: Advanced Techniques in Plastic Parts Production

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Exploring the World of Die Casting Parts in Manufacturing Machinery

Die casting parts are essential components in the manufacturing machinery industry, particularly in mold making and forging. Die casting is a metal casting process that involves injecting molten metal into a mold cavity under high pressure. This process is ideal for producing high volumes of parts with excellent dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Die casting parts are used in a wide range of


The Art of High Volume Parts Manufacturing: Precision is Key

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Exploring the Benefits of Rapid Prototyping in CNC Machining for CNC Machine Tool Manufacturing

Rapid prototyping has revolutionized the traditional manufacturing processes in the field of CNC machine tool manufacturing. By integrating rapid prototyping techniques into CNC machining, manufacturers can streamline the production process, enhance product quality, and accelerate innovation. One of the key benefits of rapid prototyping in CNC machining is the ability to quickly create functional


Exploring the Versatility of Die Casting Parts in Modern Manufacturing

**Introduction** In the realm of manufacturing, precision and efficiency are key factors in driving success. Die casting parts have revolutionized the industry by offering unparalleled versatility and durability in a wide range of applications. From complex automotive components to intricate aerospace parts, die casting has become a go-to method for producing high-quality, cost-effective products.


Rapid, High Quality and Cost-Effective! Rapid customized manufacturing!

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