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Product description: 400W monocrystalline silicon glass solar panel is the application product of the future trend.With multi-bus design, the structure of the product has more uniform anti-cracking stress distribution and higher reliability, while reducing the heat of the module and improving the safety performance. The product also has high adaptability and compatibility, which can enhance the density of components and greatly improve the power and efficiency of components.



The 350W foldable portable solar panel is the perfect choice for your outdoor activities. The solar panel is made of high-quality monocrystalline silicon solar cells, and the conversion efficiency is as high as 22.5%. Compared with polycrystalline silicon and amorphous silicon solar panels, monocrystalline silicon solar panels have higher photoelectric conversion rate, reduce light loss, and improve cell efficiency. Comes with 3 stands that can be placed firmly on any ground. You can get the power from the sun and adjust the angle through the bracket for better solar absorption. Folding and portable, simple installation, no space, silent power generation, easy to lift with one hand, more convenient to carry.


Sheet metal stamping valve bracket mold riveting technology promotion

The sheet metal stamping valve bracket die is riveted, and the side riveting of the continuous die is difficult to overcome the side item stripping force.

Die casting mold industry

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the application range of alloy die-casting products such as aluminum-magnesium alloy in the market, domestic aluminum-magnesium and other alloy die-casting products have developed rapidly in recent years. In the current market situation, whether it will be restricted by certain factors, this is also a concern of many people in the hardware die-casting mold industry.

Material and processing of metal stamping parts

The basic assumptions of the slip line method are that the thickness of the sheet flange is unchanged, and it is in a state of plane strain, the material is isotropic, there is no hardening, and the influence of friction distribution on plastic flow is not considered. There are three commonly used basic methods. This method is mainly based on some empirical calculation formulas, so its application range is affected, and it is mainly applied to deployable stamping parts with relatively simple shapes (such as rotary parts, bent parts, or stamping parts composed of these simple parts). In general, the method of developing the freeform surface of the plate by experience is a makeshift method, and its accuracy is affected by many factors such as the richness of the user's experience, the empirical formula adopted and the selection of specific process parameters, and its accuracy needs to be further improved.

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